fresh pork sausage, non-gmo

If you are looking for locally grown, nutrient rich, flavorful and juicy meats, you’ve come to the right place!  We take pride in our meats, beginning with the choice of the breeds.  We only raise heritage breeds because we believe they are better in many ways than the more modern breeds.

All of our animals are raised on fresh green pasture which produces flavorful, tender, and nutrient rich meat. Some of the animals receive a minimal amount of grain to supplement their natural diet.  Raising animals on pasture may reduce the amount of meat, or extend the time it takes to raise the animal, however, we believe it produces a better quality product. Meat that is healthier, has more flavor, and is more tender.


All of our meats are:

•  Non-certified organic or non-GMO – No antibiotics, growth hormones, or GMOs

•  Free range – Constant access to healthy green pasture

•  Grass fed – Natural diet that produces more tender and better tasting meat

•  Raised on our farm – With a focus on the animal’s environment and health


Please look at our price list for additional information.