Handmade Traditional Furniture, Traditional Joinery, Finest Wood

I have been making traditional furniture for over 20 years; all types of furnishings including tea tables, kitchen tables, bedroom sets, barrister bookcases, hope chests, linen presses, television cabinets and entertainment centers, and more.   Over the years I have developed a preference for period reproduction furniture such as William and Mary, Queen Anne, and Colonial. I believe the traditional styles and construction process is timeless. I also enjoy the detail and handwork that is often required when making a period piece.   I often make custom pieces and I am willing to discuss anything of interest. Please contact me with your request. We will have a conversation and I will provide a free quote for your consideration.

Quality Matters

  • Woods - I typically use quality woods such as mahogany, cherry, walnut, oak, ash, maple; however, I have used other woods as requested.
  • Construction - I utilize traditional joinery in all of my work; mortise and tenon, dovetails, half-lap, and more. I find that these construction techniques often result in a piece that does not require any fasteners such as nails or screws. The exception to this statement might be a molding or trim piece that is secured with very small brads.
  • Finishes - My attention to detail includes matching the wood's grains and tones which results in a piece that does not need to be stained or dyed. However, I am able to apply color if desired. I prefer finishes such as shellac, rubbed oil, and varnish. Each finish results in a different appearance and provides different levels of protection.

Satisfied Customers Matter More

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