Queen Anne Tea Table

queen anne tea table

This is a very accurate replica of a Queen Anne tea table. The design, proportions, and construction details are consistent with original tea tables from the Queen Anne period. While most of the initial rough cuts were done with power equipment, all of the finish work was done with traditional hand tools. There are even tools marks on the underside.
The wood is mahogany and all of the piece are cut from full size boards. This means there are no glue ups in any of the components. The legs were cut from full thickness boards while the 18″ wide top was cut from a single board over 20″ in width. This approach is not only consistent with the originals; it also ensures an aesthetically pleasing piece. There are no glue lines, mis-matched grain lines, or uneven tones.
The finish is a hand applied and hand rubbed shellac, my preferred finish. Shellac applied this way produces a warm glow and brings out the natural beauty of the wood. While this finish is beautiful and appropriate for the piece, it is sensitive to heat and caution is needed with warm objects. Fortunately, if something should happen to the finish, shellac is easily repaired.


tea table corner view
tea table pad foot
tea table underside



✓ Solid mahogany
✓ No plywood
✓ Traditional construction and joinery
✓ Dimensions:
✓ Hand rubbed shellac finish
✓ Custom orders considered

Price $1,250