the catholic faith
home schooling

The Burke family

We are Bill and Melisa Burke and we have two lovely children.  Some of the values we try to live by include:
  • The Catholic Faith - We are practicing Catholics and we enjoy, and prefer, the Extraordinary Form.  We are fortunate to have several churches within an hour's drive that celebrate the Extraordinary Form on a weekly, if not daily, basis.
  • Homeschool - We believe in the benefits of a Classical education.  This desire has led us to homeschool our children and enables us to tailor the curriculum in order to maximize their learning opportunity.  There are a lot of homeschool curriculums available and we will share our experiences and hopefully help you along the way.
  • Healthy, nutrient rich, foods - Melisa has always grown most of our produce.  In 2001 we started to focus on organic foods.  In 2005 we started to raise our own meats in order to control the environment of the animals.  Today we produce most of our meats.
  • Homestead - It's a way of life; and it's our life.  Deciding to homeschool our children, grow and raise most of our food, use draft horses for our farming needs, make most of our dairy products, bake everything from scratch, preserve foods, make soaps, sew, knit, crochet; the list goes on and on.  Please note, you do not need to embrace everything, or do what we do, all that matters is that you start with something.

Forgotten Thyme Farm

Forgotten Thyme Farm is a non-certified organic farm located in Medina County. The farm was established in 2005 while we were living in Vermont.  When we moved back to Ohio we continued to focus on the following values and priorities:
  • Healthy, nutrient rich foods - We raise non-certified organic and non-GMO meats and we grown non-certified organic produce. We believe healthy, nutrient rich foods is critical.
  • Philosophy - We believe that everything begins with the soil.  The soil provides the nutrients and minerals every living thing needs; plants and animals.  Our role is to improve the soil through rotational grazing and replenish the nutrients as needed.
  • Environment - We try our best to provide the animals with the healthiest environment possible.  In addition, we seek to do this in a way that is consistent with nature.  Our pigs root the soil, our chickens scratch the soil, our horses and cows get relief from the hot sun by going to the shade of nearby trees.
  • Grass fed - We try to feed our animals as much grass as possible and as little grain as possible.  Our horses and cows receive no grains while our chickens and pigs receive grains on a supplemental basis.
  • Free range - All of our animals have unrestricted access to shelter, fresh water, and plenty of grass.  Our job is to provide them with the best environment we can and let nature do the rest.  They are able to choose their natural forage.
  • Rotational grazing - This approach is critical to our approach to farming and we practice it with the larger animals.  They are given access to fresh pasture every couple of days; depending on the conditions.  More importantly, they do not return to a grazed area until the grass has had ample time to recover and regrow.