As you can tell from our website, we have many focuses and interests.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to practice our faith, homeschool our children, and provide for ourselves by producing meat and practicing homesteading skills.  These behaviors are important to us, and we believe we are better for them.


We also have the opportunity to share with the community through farmer’s markets and this website.  We hope you take the time to look at our offerings; hopefully you will find something that appeals to you.


Featured products


fresh pork

Individual cuts
non-GMO pork

USDA packaged
No growth hormones or medicines
Pasture raised
Heritage breed hens

fresh pork sausage, non-gmo

Freezer pork

Whole or half pig
Grass fed
Custom processing
Available this fall

homemade kolachky pastries

Fresh baked products

Breads, rolls, buns, and more
Freshest organic ingredients
Made from scratch
Wheat flour ground on baking day
Baked fresh every Friday


Please look at our price list for additional information.