We are now taking orders for freezer pork

Limited availability for November processing

fresh pork sausage

✓ Non-GMO
✓ No confinement
✓ Grass fed
✓ Custom processing
✓ Available this fall


Half pig

$3.75 per pound of hanging weight

Whole pig

$3.25 per pound of hanging weight

Free range, non-GMO, no antibiotics or growth hormones

Our pigs are raised on grass with non-GMO grain.  Our freezer pork is sold as non-GMO as to non-certified organic because of the grain they receive.  We forgo organic grain in an attempt to keep the pricing down.
Our pigs have free access to pasture which enables them to live a healthy and natural life.  They love to root and make mud holes to cool down in the summer’s heat.  They do not receive any antibiotics, growth hormones, or GMO products.  We believe our animal’s environment and diet produces much better meat.  The pork is flavorful, nutrient rich, and tender.
We sell our pork as freezer meat; which means you could purchase a whole or half pig.  The meat will be processed, cut, and packaged to order by the butcher of your choice or we could recommend one.

Pricing and processing details

The price of our non-GMO freezer pork is:

  • $3.25 per pound of hanging weight if you purchase a whole pig
  • $3.75 per pound of hanging weight if you purchase a half pig
  • $50 down payment when the order is placed


Our pigs typically have a hanging weight of 200 pounds.  If you ordered a whole pig, you would have approximately 130 pounds of packaged pork.  These numbers are estimates and may not represent your situation.  We cannot provide an estimate of the total costs because we do not know your cost for processing.
You will pay us for the price of the pork and you will pay the butcher for the price of the processing.  We require a down payment of $50 when you place the order.
For a complete list of terms and explanations please refer to our processing terms page.
Locally produced in Westfield, Medina County, Northeast Ohio, near Cleveland, Akron, Canton.