Processing terms

We recognize there are a number of terms associated with freezer meats.  Hopefully the following information will help.

Cut list – The specific and detailed request for your processing.  The cut list typically identifies they cuts of meat (including the thickness of the cuts), the ground meats (including sausages), the smoking instructions, and the packaging instructions (how many in a package).  The cut list is a very customizable order form between you and the butcher.
Freezer meat – Meat sold in bulk, typically a whole or half pig and a quarter or half beef.  The meat is purchased directly from the farm and custom processing (butchering) is done at a butcher of choice.  This approach results in the lowest cost of meat per pound.  There are times when several families share the meat in order to reduce the costs or address freezer space.
Hanging weight – The weight of the carcass after the animal has been slaughtered and cleaned.  Approximately 72% of the live weight.
Live weight – The weight of the live animal when it is delivered to the butcher for processing.
Packaged weight – The weight of the packaged meat after it has been cut, prepared, and packaged.  Approximately 67% of the hanging weight.  However, this percentage can vary greatly and is determined by your processing preferences (i.e., bones, casings, etc.).
Processing – The work of the butcher; slaughtering, cutting, smoking, packaging, and more.  This is a very customized process and the butcher or us could provide you with a basic cut list.